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History of HERSHEY'S BLISS Chocolate Candy

That’s what our chocolate masters at Hershey set out to create with HERSHEY’S BLISS chocolate.

BLISS Milk Chocolate

Each step of the chocolate making process was considered when crafting the perfectly balanced taste and texture of HERSHEY’S BLISS chocolate. We started by selecting and using only the most distinct, high-quality ingredients to make a richer chocolate with an exceptional creaminess. To achieve the smooth texture, our Hershey’s experts developed an extensive mixing process for an extended chocolate experience. This paired with the extra refining time gives HERSHEY’S BLISS chocolate the perfect finish.

From this careful application of our chocolate expertise and craftsmanship comes an award-winning chocolate collection known simply as HERSHEY’S BLISS chocolates. A combination of rich flavor, creamy taste, and smooth texture that holds together for a blissful period of time before it melts exquisitely on your tongue.

From decadent Dark Chocolate to creamy White Chocolate Meltaway, every flavor has been specially crafted to bring you bliss. Every bit is an indulgence, a lasting, rejuvenating reward…just for you.