Our Story

Our Story

The ICE BREAKERS brand is a fun-loving brand that provides a mouth-freshening lift. Each of the great tasting mint and gum products contain revitalizing flavor crystals guaranteed to deliver dazzling taste sensations. The ICE BREAKERS brand has been part of HERSHEY's gum and mint portfolio since 2000 when the brand was acquired from Nabisco.

In 1995, the ICE BREAKERS brand became the first to offer intense stick gum with revitalizing flavor crystals. Four years later, the ICE BREAKERS brand expanded into the mint category. ICE BREAKERS Mints are packaged in a two-door puck so that the mint lover could decide whether "to share" or "not to share". The popular, dazzling flavor of the ICE BREAKERS brand was extended to fruit flavors with the introduction of ICE BREAKERS Sours in 2005 and Sours Gum in 2007.

In 2006, the ICE BREAKERS brand achieved a major breakthrough in the gum category with the introduction of ICE CUBES Gum. These cube-shaped pieces of gum contain ICE BREAKERS signature flavor crystals with a frosted, icy-cool layer of xylitol for an instantly cool, mouth-watering flavor. ICE CUBES gum is available in seven great mint and fruit flavors.

In 2012, ICE BREAKERS DUO joined the product lineup. ICE BREAKERS DUO combines sweet fruity taste with refreshing cooling crystals. Flavors include strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, and now grape!

ICE BREAKERS COOL BLASTS chews are the latest addition to our lineup of refreshing choices, just introduced in 2015! Not exactly a gum or a mint, they dissolve in seconds leaving nothing but fresh breath and a sweet memory! Available in Peppermint and Spearmint, they’re perfect when you’re on the go.